In the Bot Editor, you will find references to this guide, contextualized in the various sections.

Global configuration

Input bot variables

These variables will have to be passed in the Mobile App to the Mobile SDK before starting the bot. If your Mobile App does not give one of the variables (it’s possible), then this variable will be undefined. In a rule, you can then test its existence.

A/B Testing

When you activate the A/B Testing mode for the entire bot, a new Input bot variable will be available in the bot. This OPTION A/B variable is a boolean and is either true (it’s A) or false (it’s B).

On this OPTION A/B, you can define rules in the bot to follow different paths and then measure conversions.

Node Message

Default message

The bot message you define in the EDITOR VIEW is the default message, in the default language of your bot.

URL-only message

If your message is only a URL, then the Bot Editor will try to determine the MIME type (e.g. image/gif, image/png…). This will be used by the Mobile SDK to display it nicely in the App. Be careful: in other languages, make sure to put a URL as well. This MIME type is determined for the default language.

“End” switch

If this is an end of your bot, you just have to turn on the switch.

Then you can configure this “end”, either by displaying a standard left bubble, or a large central button.

Moreover, here you can chain bots if necessary: if you want to have the Mobile SDK chaining another bot.

Next messages and rules

Next message

By default, if it’s not an end message, you have to determine the next message. The Mobile SDK will simply move to this message.

What a rule is

Based on the variables available in the bot, you can determine rules and conditions to have your end-user following different paths of your scenario.


In the list of rules you’ll determine for a given message, the first rule matching the conditions wins. It means you have to put first the rule having the highest priority, and so on.


In the MESSAGES tab, you can manage all your messages:

User input

Syntax to display variable

To display the user input in a message, you simply type the variable name like this <variableName>

E.g.: Nice to meet you <firstname>!

Bot settings


The bot UUID is the bot main identifier, necessary to “play” the bot from the 86% SDK.

To find it, open one of your bots, and go to SETTINGS / General info